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Showy Lady Slipper

Showy Lady Slipper

Showy Lady Slipper
Showy Lady SlipperShowy Lady Slipper
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Cypripedium Reginae commonly known as the Showy Lady Slipper is one of the largest members of the genus. This rare terrestrial orchid is also aptly named the Queen's Lady's Slipper. As the plant matures, it typically forms multiple stems of 2 to 3 feet each with 1 to 3 flowers per stem. Leaves are lime green and hairy. White sepal and petals. Flower is white with a painted fuschia (deep pink) slipper. Staminode is yellow and white with red spotting. Blooms 7-14 days from mid-June to early July. Showy

USDA Growing Zones
Recommended optimal USDA zones are 3 to 6. Plants may be grown in zone 2 with extra winter mulching protection and zone 7 if the ground is kept cool and moist with adequate shading.

Soil/Media/Growing Requirements
Requires a neutral pH soil/media. Adding some lime is beneficial. A layer of mulch is well received as well by the plants; you can use bark or pine needles with a dusting of lime. They require 2 to 3 hours direct early morning or late afternoon sun and be in dappled shade/sun the remainder of the day. Roots must always be moist and never allowed to dry out, especially during the first year as plants are getting established. These plants are found in nature in open well drained but moist areas, along roadsides and in open fields, and in cultivation do well in open gardens with well-drained soil. Some protection from direct sun is beneficial in the warmer climates.

NOTE ABOUT SOIL: If your soil is a heavy clay you will need to loosen it by adding sharp sand and humus (rotten bark, leaf mold, or aged compost). If your soil is a dry open sandy type, then you will need to add some loam and humus. Successful lady slipper gardeners use a mix of one-half coarse sand and one-half bark to grow their ladies!

All bareroot plants will ship in April 2012 depending on weather.

Nursery Propagated from Seed. These plants are almost ready to bloom. Lady Slippers need care and while we will deliver a live, healthy bareroot plant guaranteed it will be up to you to provide the proper area, conditions and care! Shipped as a live bareroot plant. Once it arrives it is ready to plant! Showy Lady Slippers should bloom but do have dormant years where the plant does not. We cannot tell from the dormant state of the plant whether it will bloom the first year for you or not. Comes with growing medium.

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