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About Our Company
About Our CompanyThe Vermont Wildflower Farm, established in 1981 is a hands-on kind of company! We are family owned and operated. We have an online website & catalog for all your gardening needs. We have been in business for over 40 years. We do not affiliate, partner with or sell in conjunction with any other online seed company that is not owned by us. If you are looking for a plant source you can trust to help you create a beautiful, easy to maintain garden, you've come to the right place! Thank you for visiting our website!
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Wildflowers are the heart of a perfect garden


We are one of the largest seed companies in the U.S offering our products both through our yearly catalog and website. We only offer exclusive hand packed proven mixtures and premium wildflower seed for over 250 individual wild perennial and annual flowers. We are actually the largest wildflower seed center in the Northeast. Whether you wish to plant a patch of Black-eyed Susans or a whole acre of a wildflower mixture, we are always available to help! Our wildflower mixtures have been designed and refined based on working with hundreds of thousands of customers for over 40 years, both expert and beginning gardeners. Our seed comes from within the United States with warehouses across the country. All of our Wildflower Seed products are open-pollinated, GMO and chemical free, just as nature intended! Our flower Bulbs, both spring and fall, are premium, high-quality product imported directly from the most respected grower in Holland. Perennials, Berries, Ornamental Grasses, Bare roots, Rhizomes etc. come from a partnership we have launched with a U.S perennial grower in business for decades known for their outstanding quality. We have a strong commitment to providing you only the healthiest and vigorous plant stock. We will only be offering superior quality plants and bare roots including a huge selection of award-winning varieties. Our premium stock is grown mostly in the United States and guaranteed for health and size. If you are looking for a plant source you can trust to help you create a beautiful, easy to maintain garden, you've come to the right place! Our Vegetable and Herb seeds are from one of the oldest and most respected companies in the U.S and are all non-GMO, chemical free and open pollinated, suitable for organic home gardens. Our gifts are not only unique, but hand selected each year. Our prices are unbeatable for the quality products that we provide. We are always having great deals as well, so be sure to check it out!


Our goal is to have an accessible, easy to navigate and interesting website. We work very hard to maintain our reputation as a leading source for gardeners and garden products. We also want you to have fun and enjoy your online experience with us. For shoppers and non-shoppers alike, we hope you will find this website to be full of top-quality products as well as being fun, interesting, relaxing and educational. We strive to be different from the rest, so we would never create your typical boring and traditionally generic website. We encourage you to visit often. We want you to use our website to shop as well as to relax, unwind after a long day by browsing our photo galleries and other articles or fun pages. We hope our website is also used as an educational tool in classrooms, for conferences, by garden clubs etc. Our information is from years of experience as experts in this field. Our photography is beautiful and award winning. So, have at it and have fun!! We always appreciate suggestions, feedback or any comments you may have. Just e-mail us at

We take great pride in providing top level customer service, superior products and knowledge. Our experience sets us apart. The owners, Chris and Diana, have years of experience in all levels of the garden world! Read Our Letter to You! Chris is both French and American, originally living part time in Marseille, France and the U.S. In France he grew up surrounded by poppy and sunflower fields and in the U.S worked on his family's farms in the Midwest. He quickly became fascinated and started wildflower gardening at the age of 12. Diana, a native Vermonter, spent numerous years in South America where she helped introduce wildflowers to insure the survival of beneficial insects and wildlife. She has also worked extensively on many other large restoration/reclamation projects. Gardening is her passion! Both are hands-on owners, so call today and they just might be the one who answers to take your order, address your questions or assist you with your wildflower area planning! We encourage you to contact us with any questions or requests for advice. We want you to have the garden or meadow of your dreams! You can contact us toll free at 855.846-9453, Local 802-425-3641 or by e-mail to

Visit our Customer Page for Photos of Real Gardens and Meadows and Customer Comments

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