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Pollen Bee Nests

Pollen Bee Nests
Pollen Bee NestsPollen Bee NestsPollen Bee NestsPollen Bee NestsPollen Bee Nests
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Currently there is a lot written about the decline in the bee population around the world, including the solitary pollen bee. A variety of efforts are being made to stem this tide, which is why this product, the pollen bee nest, is so timely. This sturdy bee nest has been scientifically designed and is made in Canada from US (60%) and Canadian (40%) recycled materials. It is insulated and moisture repellent using volcanic rock filler, and it can be left in the garden all year. As an added bonus, the volcanic rock filler also guards against predators and mites, keeping the bees safe. You might not think it looks like much, but to the pollen bee it is the Taj Mahal and has been frequently touted as the best bee nest currently on the market.

Each Bee Nest is shipped with illustrated wrap, full-colour information booklet including installation instructions, USDA bee-friendly plant list, nest log card & adhesive Bee Tube Seals. Pollen Bee Nests make perfect gifts for gardeners, conservationists, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone concerned about supporting the natural environment.