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Calla Lilies

Calla LiliesOur Spring Planted Flower Bulbs are direct from Holland and the United States. Plant for a full summer of color! We have hundreds to choose from! Our incredible variety and low prices are to allow every consumer a chance to purchase quality Dutch bulbs. Our extensive selections are all premium fully guaranteed product. Enjoy!

Calla Lilies are not really a lily at all. They are actually a very elegant herbaceous flowering plant and are related to the caladiums and jack-in-the-pulpit. These stunning blooms make dramatic, long-lasting and spectacular accents to any garden or indoor furnishings. Callas are favorites for weddings and formal occasions. The white varieties of calla are more common than colored specimens, which include shades of yellow, orange, green, pink, lavender and purple. Add these to your garden, they are great for cutting and last a long time.

Calla 'Picasso'
Price: $17.95
Calla Lily 'Captain Reno'
Price: $17.95
Calla Lily 'Captain Rosette'
Price: $17.95
Calla Lily 'Captain Safari'
Price: $17.95
Calla Lily 'Captain Violetta'
Price: $17.95
Calla Lily 'Captain Romance'
Price: $17.95
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