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Catalog Request

Catalog RequestOur Catalog is a Courtesy for those wishing a hard copy! It is printed on recycled paper with environmentally friendly ink!
We do not share, trade, rent, or sell our customer information to any other parties.

To download the catalog: Click here to view our latest full catalog in PDF format

To request a catalog by mail, please e-mail us at with your name and address and we'll be happy to send one out to you at no cost! NOTE: To view online, please feel free to use the above link to download a copy of our newest catalog available!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Print Catalog

Why Do You Print a Catalog? - We feel that companies who do not produce a catalog just don’t want to be bothered for reasons of their own. Sure - time, effort & cost go into the design, production & mailing of a catalog. Taking that time and absorbing the cost is well worth it for the convenience of our customers who wish a print catalog. It also insures that we are offering our customers every possible avenue of access to our company. Not everyone has a computer! Our catalog does not only offer products but interesting write-ups and guides. It is often used as a coffee table book and many of our customers call it their ‘garden bible’ as they use our beautiful photos to walk through their gardens to make in hand identifications of the flowers they are growing. We receive tons of compliments on it each year!
Is Your Catalog Environmentally Friendly? – Yes, it sure is. It is printed on recycled paper with environmentally friendly ink. We only mail our catalog to those that request it. This way our catalog is never thrown away. We do not buy or rent mailing lists and we do not mail it out to our entire customer base unsolicited. You must request our catalog each year in order to obtain the latest edition.
Why Do Some Say They Don’t Produce A Catalog Because of Supply, Demand & Availability? – Because they are not growers or do not have growers contracted specifically for them. While there is always a chance of crop failure or abnormally high demand for particular items causing them to sell out, it really only happens on rare occasions.
Do You Increase Your Prices to Cover the Cost of Your Catalog? – ABSOLUTELY NOT. WE NEVER pass the cost of producing our catalog on to you, the customer, by raising the prices of our products. Our pricing has rarely changed over the years.

Customers Say It Best:
We love all the lovely flowers at Vermont Wildflower Farm and are excited to get a free catalog in the mail to our home. Thank you for all the lovely photos that you post in your photo galleries. GOD BLESS each one of you. PS: Can hardly wait to get it, to me it would be like to a child getting a Christmas Catalog filled with toys. Thanks again. Linda M., Alabama