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Roadside Wildflower Combo

Roadside Wildflower Combo
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We all have driven down roads that are state highways, country roads or just rambling roads in out of the way places and see beautiful flowers lining them or off in the distance in great displays of old fashioned wildflower pastures and fields. We all take in those views and remark "how lovely". For some it brings back memories of childhood or times past and even today where many Municipalities, Towns, Cities and States are purposely lining their roads with wildflowers for their amazing visual apsects. Now you can do it too with this combo and get that country road, old time feeling or memory!

Light Requirement: Sun / Partial Shade
For All Zones and Regions

Includes a packet each of the following species:
Black-eyed Susan
Perennial Lupine
Queen Anne's Lace (Annual Bishop's Flower)
Gloriosa Daisy
Ox-Eye Daisy