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Dahlia 'Prince of Orange'

Dahlia 'Prince of Orange'
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Price: $34.90
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Ships in Spring 2023
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Dahlia 'Prince of Orange'

Ships As: 1 Package of 2 Bulbs, Tubers or Rhizomes - #1 Grade Clump


36-40 Inches
Flower Color:
Orange Shades
Hardiness Zone:
7,8,9,10 but can be grown in all zones
Light Requirements:
Full sun
Partial Shade
Bloom Time:
Summer to Fall


Dahlia plants grow and bloom best in full sun. Dahlias tolerate most soil types, but prefer a sandy, well drained, slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6.2- 6.5. If your soil is heavy or clay, adding sand and peat moss will help to lighten it. Water established Dahlias thoroughly and deeply once a week. Water more frequently if it's very hot. Dahlias in bud or bloom are heavy feeders, so you should begin feeding them monthly, beginning a month before they begin to set buds using a water soluble, 'bloom' type fertilizer.

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