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Gladiolus 'Pastel Blend' Value

Gladiolus 'Pastel Blend' Value
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Ships in Spring 2023
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Gladiolus "Pastel' Mix
Large Flowering

Ships As: 1 Package of 30 Bulbs, Tubers or Rhizomes - #1 Grade


40-60 Inches
Flower Color:
Multi Pastel Shades
Hardiness Zone:
7,8,9,10 but can be grown in all zones
Light Requirements:
Full sun
Partial Shade
Bloom Time:


Gladiolus grow best in loose, well-drained soil in full sun (5-6 hours). After last frost, dig a trench per instructions and firmly place bulbs on soil, pointed ends up, 6" apart. In a flower border, plant a group of at least 10 bulbs for best effect. Cover with remaining soil. Water well. Tip: Begin planting in mid-spring and continue to plant every two weeks until mid-July for flowers throughout the summer. Bulbs will bloom from 70-100 days from this type of planting, depending on the lateness in the season. Tall-growing varieties may need staking. Water well throughout the growing season. For colder regions dig up the corms 4-6 weeks after the flowers fade. Remove as much soil as possible and cut off flower stalk 1" above corm. Dry and store the bulbs indoors for the winter.

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