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Your Lawn - End of Summer Health

Your Lawn - End of Summer HealthFor sure, your lawn has endured a beating over the summer months – from parties to barbecues, pets and kids, your lawn has seen lots of activity!

Summer isn’t over yet and your lawn can use some easy care! Go out with a bang by rejuvenating it and prepping for the cooler season ahead.

1. Know How to Mow – when mowing, keep the mower blades high 3” to encourage healthy roots.

2. Reseed – If all of your lawn looks a little dry and brown, overseed the whole thing. If only certain spots look bare or bad, just reseed those spots. First, perform a soil test and improve the soil if you need to. Cut the grass and remove the clippings. Level and rake the soil smooth. With a broadcast seeder, apply a seed that best suits your region and weather. Finally, water.

3. Prepare – get your lawn ready for the cooler weather that is sure to be just around the corner by fortifying it with nutrients. An organic fall winterizer promotes growth, helps lawns recover from drought and increases winter hardiness. Apply the winterizer after you have seeded and mowed. Follow the instructions on whichever one you purchase.

4. Pets – Always use and organic lawn fertilizer or winterizer. Harsher chemical lawn products can be eaten, ingested or passed onto your dog or cat. This exposer has been linked to higher risks of cancer in pets. Keep them happy and alive by making sure their paws are safer with organic products. Espoma carries a great line of products.

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