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Aconitum fischeri

Aconitum fischeri
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Aconitum fischeri
Common Name: Monkshood

Ships As: Perennial Bareroot #1 Grade

This is one of the few almost true blue flowers. Although it is native to mountainous areas, it is quite heat tolerant. Monkshood is a tall plant that blooms late in the summer and handles partial shade very well. Aconitum is the most commonly grown ornamental variety.
All parts of Aconitum are poisonous if ingested or if the sap comes in contact with any mucous membrane. Another common name for monkshood, wolf’s bane, refers to its use for getting rid of wolves. Do not grow this plant around young children or curious pets. That said, monkshood has been safely cultivated in gardens for hundreds of years. It is a lovely flower, just use caution when handling it.
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