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Butterfly Bush 'Pink Cascade' (Buddleia)

Butterfly Bush 'Pink Cascade' (Buddleia)
Butterfly Bush 'Pink Cascade' (Buddleia)Butterfly Bush 'Pink Cascade' (Buddleia)Butterfly Bush 'Pink Cascade' (Buddleia)
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Ships in April 2020
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My Alt TagBuddleia ‘Pink Cascade’
Common Name: Butterfly Bush

Ships As: Perennial Plant Plug 3"

This beautifully unique Butterfly Bush has an arching, weeping look versus the normal upright habit. Light apple blossom pink flower panicles are 8-10" long. Minty green leaves, in combination with the flowers, give it overall cool tones. 'Pink Cascade' is a good match to 'Lavender Cascade' in size and shape. Use as a focal piece in your garden or in the landscape. Butterfly Bushes have certainly earned their place in the garden over the years, and its easy to see why. Just when we need a breath of fresh air in the late summer heat, they happily burst into bloom. At a time when many other plants are already spent, buddleias are just beginning their show. Their passive coloring and texture makes a wonderful backdrop for perennials, and you'll love the butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds that flock to their honey-scented blossoms.