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Purple Coneflower Seeds

Purple Coneflower Seeds
Purple Coneflower SeedsPurple Coneflower SeedsPurple Coneflower SeedsPurple Coneflower Seeds
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Purple Coneflower – Echinacea purpurea
Large showy flowers with a great look. Loved by bees and butterflies alike the purple coneflower is a wildflower garden staple. Its name comes from the fact that once in bloom the petals tend to droop downward forming a cone like shape and from the characteristic center cone. A long lived bloom period on these wonderful favorites.

Zones: 3 through 8
Height: Up to 3 ft.
Flower Color: Purple
Plant Type: Perennial
Light Requirement: Sun to Light Shade
Bloom Time: Mid - Late Season
Seeds per Packet: 50+
Seeds per Pound: 117,000

Is this wildflower invasive: No
Is this wildflower endangered: No
Is this wildflower edible: No
Is this wildflower medicinal: Yes

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