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Showy Lady Slipper Seeds

Showy Lady Slipper Seeds
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PINK LADY SLIPPER - Cypripedium reginae (Seeds per Packet: 200+)
One of the largest members of the genus. This rare terrestrial orchid is also aptly named the Queen's Lady's Slipper. As the plant matures, it typically forms multiple stems of 2 to 3 feet each with 1 to 3 flowers per stem. Leaves are lime green and hairy. White sepal and petals. Flower is white with a painted fuschia (deep pink) slipper. Staminode is yellow and white with red spotting. Blooms 7-14 days from mid-June to early July. Showy! Our lady slippers seeds are never gathered from the wild, but nursery propagated.PARTIAL SHADE/WOODLAND

NOTE: Growing medium for orchids is available at local garden centers. It should be cleaned and sifted . This has the micro-organisms necessary to germinate the seeds and feed young plants. Patience is needed when growing Lady Slippers.

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