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Milkweed Showy Seeds

Milkweed Showy Seeds
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Showy Milkweed - Asclepias speciosa
Showy Milkweed is native to most of the central and western United States. It can be found along ditches and roads as well as in moist sites of meadows and fields. Plants grow to 40 inches tall and have large, round clusters of pink flowers. Showy Milkweed is a host plant for monarchs, and the nectar is utilized by many pollinators. Plants are rhizomatous and can spread aggressively.

Zones: 1 through 10
Height: Up to 2-4 ft.
Flower Color: Pink
Plant Type: Perennial
Light Requirement: Sun
Bloom Time: Summer
Seeds per Packet: 50+/-
Seeds per Pound: 87,000

Is this wildflower invasive: No (can be aggressive)
Is this wildflower endangered: No
Is this wildflower edible: No
Is this wildflower medicinal: No

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