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Spotted Coralroot Orchid Seeds

Spotted Coralroot Orchid Seeds
Spotted Coralroot Orchid SeedsSpotted Coralroot Orchid Seeds
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SPOTTED CORALROOT ORCHID - Corallorhiza maculata (Seeds per Packet: 200+)
You can find Spotted Coralroot orchids growing in many wooded areas of the U.S. It is native. Brightly colored clumps of coral root stand out against the semi-shaded or shaded areas where planted. 6-22" Also, enjoys moist or swampy areas.

NOTE: Growing medium for orchids is available at your local garden center. It shoudl be cleaned and sifted. This has the micro-organisms necessary to germinate the seeds and feed young plants. Patience is needed when growing orchids.

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