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Trillium Rose & White Mix Seeds

Trillium Rose & White Mix Seeds
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Trillium Mix
This charming mix of White and Rose will give you
a charming, peaceful assortment for your trillium garden scene. Great for shade or woodland gardens. Read about each of them below.

b>About Great White Trillium (Trillium grandiflorum)
A charming native woodland wildflower suitable for growing in shade gardens over most of the Central & Eastern United States. This charming wildflower brings inspiration and enchantment to the garden. Trillium plants have a simplistic elegance in three whorled leaves and large three-petaled white flower with slightly ruffled edges.White when they bloom in spring--early summer (Apr--Jun) often turning pink with age.

About Rose Trillium (Trillium catesbaei)
Blooms late spring to early summer. Beautiful soft lilac/pink shades on white. If you are looking for a different trillium, this is it. Very beautiful and quite a unique flower. Starts out pink and fades as the bloom ages, smaller and daintier in looks than the traditional trillium.

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