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Wildflower Mixing Sand

Wildflower Mixing Sand
Wildflower Mixing SandWildflower Mixing SandWildflower Mixing SandWildflower Mixing Sand
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You can use a hand crank seed sower, but most simply scatter the seed by hand. If you want to be sure to get good, even coverage, divide your seed into two roughly equal parts, in two buckets or cans. Then add clean wildflower mixing sand to both halves, roughly 3-5 parts of sand to 1 part of seed. The sand does two things: It “dilutes” the seed, making it easier to sow evenly, and since it’s light-colored, it shows you “where you’ve been” on the dark soil as you go. Next, sow one bucket’s mix over your whole area. Then go back in the opposite direction and do the same with the second bucket. This way, you should have even spreading and no bare spots.

1lb. Mixing Sand.............up to 1/4lb. wildflower seed
3lbs. Mixing Sand............up to 1 lb. wildflower seed