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Deluxe<br/> Wildflower Seed Mix
The Deluxe Mix is a great pollinator mix containing...... READ MORE
As Low As: $12.95
Favorite Meadow Wildflower Seed Mix
All of your favorite annual & perennial wildflowers together ... READ MORE
As Low As: $9.95
Native Perennial<br/> Wildflower Seed Mix
This perennial mixture is filled with a colorful assortment ... READ MORE
As Low As: $19.95
Strips N' Borders Wildflower Seed Mix
Perfect for tree lines, fences, retaining walls and more. A great ... READ MORE
As Low As: $9.95
Partial Shade<br/> Wildflower Seed Mix
Proven in areas that receive less than a full days sun... READ MORE
As Low As: $6.95
Cornflower Blue Seeds
These bright blue cornflowers are a beautiful addition to all ... READ MORE
As Low As: $2.95
Red Poppy Seeds
Poppies are everyone’s favorite. The flower is large and showy... READ MORE
As Low As: $2.95
Lupine Perennial Seeds
Great plants with five-fingered leaves and beautiful blooms ... READ MORE
As Low As: $2.95
Gloriosa Daisy Seeds
Is the prettier cousin of the Black-eyed Susan. Big, showy blooms ... READ MORE
As Low As: $2.95
Purple Coneflower Seeds
Large showy flowers with a great look. Loved by bees and butterfli... READ MORE
As Low As: $2.95
No Mow Grass Seed Mix
For areas you don't really want to mow. This stunning blend of ... READ MORE
As Low As: $2.95
Alternative Lawn<br/> Wildflower & Grass Seed Mix
This mixture was developed for use as a flowering lawn ... READ MORE
As Low As: $9.95
Conservation Grass Seed Mix
Our best and most popular grass mix designed for full sun to parti... READ MORE
As Low As: $2.95
Conservation Shade Seed Mix
As Low As: $2.95
Native Grass Seed Mix
This beautiful native grass mix is perfect for a natural area or... READ MORE
As Low As: $8.95
Cardinal Flower Seeds
Cardinal Flower can be found in open or wooded, moist places along... READ MORE
Price: $4.95
As Low As: $4.46
Blackberry Lily Seeds
Price: $4.95
As Low As: $4.46
Jack-in-the Pulpit Seeds
Jack-in-the-pulpit is a shy plant found in rich, moist ... READ MORE
Price: $4.95
As Low As: $4.46
Rue Anemone Seeds
Price: $3.95
As Low As: $3.56
Woodland Sunflower Seeds
This wildflower is seen in open woods throughout the entire ... READ MORE
Price: $3.95
As Low As: $3.56
Dried Loose Lavender In Bulk
Use our mixture of four lusty French lavenders in potpourri, sache... READ MORE
As Low As: $6.95
Bug Balm 'Lavender'
This all-natural Bug Balm combines almond oil, Vermont beeswax... READ MORE
Price: $11.95
Ceramic Honey Pots
These handcrafted honey pots are a beautiful way to present this s... READ MORE
Price: $22.95
Goat's Milk Specialty Soaps
These specialty soaps are made from the same great recipe as the o... READ MORE
Price: $6.95
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Woodland & Rare Wildflower Seeds
Our Hand Gathered, Rare and Woodland Species selections below cont... READ MORE
Standard Seed Packets
Our beautifully designed collection of seed packets are used ... READ MORE
Gardening & All Natural Gifts
Unique garden and nature based gifts, garden products and supplies... READ MORE
Welcome to The Vermont Wildflower Farm
The Vermont Wildflower Farm, established in 1981 is not only a working farm but a hands-on kind of company! We are family owned and operated. First, we'd like to thank you for visiting our website. We're sure that you'll find it to contain an exciting collection of products. When we started with this business, we put our heart into it. We felt that there was room for a gardening company that treated its customers exactly the way we would want to be quality products at reasonable prices and being able to order from friendly, knowledgeable people that really care about you and are dedicated to your success.
We've been a superior source for wildflower seed products for over 30 years and are nationally known for our quality and service. We offer over 30 exclusive hand packed proven wildflower mixtures, premium wildflower seeds of over 180 individual wild perennial and annual flowers. We also carry full lines of Discount Wildflower Combos, Flower Bulbs, both Spring and Fall, Perennial Plants, Bare Roots and Rhizomes, Berries, Ornamental Grasses, Vegetables, Herbs, Garden Products and Gifts. Our flower bulbs are premium, high quality product imported directly from one of the oldest and most respected suppliers in Holland. Perennials, Berries, Grasses etc. are high quality plants and bare roots distributed from within the U.S and our Vegetable and Herbs seeds are from one of the oldest and most respected companies in the U.S. Our gifts are not only unique but hand selected each year. Our prices are unbeatable for the quality products that we provide.
We take great pride in providing top level customer service, superior products and knowledge. Our customers are not just a number, each and every customer is number one, no matter how big or small your order may be. It's all about beautifying the world together 'one garden at a time' and your success is our success!! We, like you, are gardeners too! We are available every day to offer our expertise to talk with you about your garden.