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Wild Blue Iris Seeds

Wild Blue Iris Seeds
Wild Blue Iris SeedsWild Blue Iris Seeds
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WILD BLUE IRIS - Iris versicolor
This amazing variety of iris grows to full bloom from seed!! It produces beautiful large blue blooms. Also known as eastern blue flag iris, it is native to the eastern half of the U.S.but can grow just about anywhere in the US. It does establish rhizomes and comes back every year. Best in full sun, light soil, with good drainage. In addition, germination of this seed can be improved by scarification, then 90-180 days cool moist stratification. Or plant outside in the fall in moist soil for delayed germination.

Zones: 5 through 9
Height: Up to 3 ft..
Flower Color: Blue
Plant Type: Native Perennial
Light Requirement: Sun – Partial Shade
Bloom Time: Spring - Summer
Seeds per Packet: 15+/-

Is this wildflower invasive: No
Is this wildflower endangered: No
Is this wildflower edible: No
Is this wildflower medicinal: No

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