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Exclusive Regional Mixes contain blends of annuals and perennials for maximum bloom. We only sell 100% pure, fresh wildflower seeds with superior germination and purity rates. Our Mixes are open-pollinated, Non-GMO & Chemical free! They contain no fillers, inert matter or grasses, unless a mix specifically states and is designed with native grass. All mixes are designed to have early, mid and late season bloom so that once your garden starts blooming it blooms throughout the season. Annuals for first year color, perennials for second and successive years bloom. Regional mixes are mixes that contain wildflowers suitable for your growing region! For strictly native mixes, you can visit our Native Mix pages! Choose your Region below

When price comparing our regional mixes against other companies, keep in mind that our mix formulas are exclusive to us, both the types of species included and percentage allocations! We don't put lots of the cheaper species in and a little of the more expensive ones, just to boast lower prices!  Our mixes are exclusive to us and have been extensively tested to ensure high germination and purity. Each mixture has been grown and tested by us for 1-3 years depending on the mixture type before they are offered to you! The quality and formulas are what set us apart from the rest! Oh, and we hand pack everything! We also offer low flat rate shipping or FREE SHIPPING if your order is $39 or More!

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