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Repair the Earth by Planting Natives!

Planting Native Gardens, Meadows & Fields! Native plants and grasses preserve biodiversity, repair the earth by restoring native habitats, and increase pollination by providing nectar for pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, moths and bats.

Easily Create a Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Everyone loves butterflies and as they flit around your garden visiting all the flower treasures, it is enchanting to watch. Butterflies are just about as beautiful to look at as the flowers that attract them.

How to Plant & Grow Common Milkweed

Planting Milkweed Seeds We recommend planting milkweed seed in the spring or fall in most parts of the U.S. In the fall, the cold will start the stratification process of the seeds ...

Why Annuals Are a Must Have For Your Garden!

Don’t be just a perennial kind of person because you miss out on the wonderful aspect of annuals in your garden. Annuals are those that flower for only one year but they really are ...

Spring Planted, Summer Color - Bulb Tips & Tidbits

Since it is that time a year when we are all planting or getting ready to plant our bulbs for summer color, we thought we might share some tips & tidbits on your Dahlias, Gladiolus, Begonias, Calla & Canna Lilies, Caladium & more! Just think of all the beautiful flowers that will be blooming this summer!

Dahlias are One of Summers Easiest Plants to Grow

Dahlias are one of summers easiest plants to grow. They give you late summer color when most other garden plants have passed or on their way to being done for the season. The big, beautiful blooms Dahlias produce are fabulous flowers to cut.

The Many Health Benefits of Natural Honey

The Health Benefits of Natural Honey Antioxidants in Honey: Antioxidants are substances that slow down the deterioration of our cells. So much is being written about antioxidant...

Attracting Honey Bees to Your Gardens

Sometimes one looks around their garden and that ever pesty flying insect starts buzzing around your head. It’s not always a bad insect; it could be a honey bee. Honey bees are not ...

Beautiful Rain Gardens – Save the Environment

If you’ve ever been to wetland areas then you are familiar with the plants that grow there and the wildlife that frequents them, such as butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, hummingbird...

Gardening With A Purpose! All the Latest Trends

All the latest trends indicate that we as a society are doing our gardening with a purpose in mind - growing our own food, creating urban 'green' spots, planting flowers for bees & pollinators, reclamation and restoration, changing the esthetics of our neighborhoods and communities for the better, etc

Butterflies: Saving the Monarch Butterfly

Great numbers of Monarchs gather and migrate each fall and it is hard to imagine that this phenomenon may be coming to an end as the Monarch is facing the threat of extinction.

In Today’s Cuisine Edible flowers Are ‘All That’

After being left by the wayside for many years, cooking and garnishing with flowers is back in style once again. Today this nearly lost art is enjoying a revival. Flower cookery can be traced back to several cultures.

Starting Vegetable & Herb Seeds Indoors

Starting Vegetable & Herb Seeds Indoors There are some really good reasons to start your vegetables & herbs indoors from seed and many folks purchase now to do just that.

Grow! Don’t Mow! Flowering Lawns & More

Reduce the size of your lawn into attractive wildflowers or lawn alternative options! A lawn can be attractive, but we all spend hours on a nice lawn not to mention the cost of maintaining that lawn and the hassle of mowing.

January is the Quietest Month in the Garden.......

January is the quietest month for gardening in the north and for most of the rest of the country, but you can spice it up and be productive, as it is the best time to assess your gardens, make plans for expansion, add new species, remove those no longer desired and more.

Container Gardens: Extending Color

Fabulous and fun, containers filled with bright blooms are easy to maintain and thrive with the right care. They're great additions to any patio, yards or landscape. Before summer's heat and dry conditions get the best of them, give them what they need. Keep containers in tip top shape with these easy tips.

Getting the Hang of Hanging Baskets

What's So Great About Hanging Baskets? Easy advice on hanging baskets. Tips, tricks and other great information.

Drought Tolerant Perennials

Ask any experienced gardener and they will talk about different times when they have had issues with watering.

Facts About Garden Visitors

We all get wildlife visitors to our gardens. While we all have certain likes and dislikes regarding who might be visiting our garden, we should all try and enjoy god's creations just as long as they are not eating our hard work, right?

Got Moss in Your Garden? Easy Tips to Get Rid of It!

Moss in Your Lawn or Garden? How to Remove It! We often get feedback that folks have moss in their lawn and gardens, even in spots where it never was before and want to know how to get rid of it.

PERENNIALS – The Mainstay of Your Gardens

What Are Perennials? Technically, perennials are plants that live and bloom for more than 2 years. This is in contrast to annuals that live for one year and die. Some varieties of perennials are short-lived (lasting 3-4 years) but most have very long-life spans such as peonies which have been known to live 100 years or more!

Flavorful Things For Your Own Herb Garden

Plant these easy-to-grow herbs in your garden and enjoy some fresh-from-the-earth taste at your dinner table. Some herbs, such as Mint and Thyme, should be purchased as plants and transplanted or propagated by cuttings to ensure proper production.

Getting More from Your Organic Veggie Plantings

Organic vegetable gardening in fall is always the best. It may be getting cooler, fall foliage setting in but your garden should still be going strong!

Let Us Grow Lettuce!

There are many different types of lettuce, but all of them do best in cool temperatures, between 45 and 75 degrees and are best suited for Spring and Fall weather.

Choosing the Best Garden Tomato

Pick Before you Plant: Choosing the Best Tomato for your Garden There are more than 700 kinds of tomatoes to choose from, so let’s just review the basic types.

Fall Planting - Wildflowers

Some say “FALL IS THE BEST PLANTING TIME” Fall has been proven the best time of year to plant trees, shrubs, spring blooming bulbs and lawns.

Colorful Fall Perennials

When the leaves on the trees are offering a beautiful show of color for the fall and birds are gathering, making plans to fly south for the winter.

Amend Your Soil in the Fall

The fall months are a great time to improve your soil! As the season winds down, here's what you can do to prepare for the next growing season!

Bring Outdoor Beauty Indoors

Bring Outdoor Beauty Indoors Have your potted plants been outdoors all Summer, living it up in the sunlight?

Flowers to Help Bees Help Your Garden by Theresa

Honeybees are not the only bees in trouble. Our native bees are also in decline. Here some helpful tips!

No Space? Try Container Gardening!

If you do not have space for a vegetable or flower garden or if your present site is too small, consider raising fresh, nutritious, homegrown vegetables or try flower gardening in containers.

Our Choice for Perennial Of the Year (2023)

Coneflowers (Echinacea) Coneflowers are a tried-and-true staple of any perennial garden. While Purple Coneflowers are the most widely selected coneflower, these beautiful flowers come in a wide range of varieties.

Strawberries – So Easy to Grow!

Strawberries are so yummy and who wouldn’t want to grow them right in their backyard? They are one of the easiest to grow fruit crops and will bring a huge reward to the home garden.

How To Create Your Own Italian Herb Garden

Add pizzazz to your cooking by using your own home-grown Italian herbs. Growing your own Italian herbs involves a few seeds, a dash of knowhow, and a pinch of patience.

Daffodils - More Bang for Your Buck!

On A Budget for Fall Planted Bulbs – Try Daffodils In this economy, many of us have had to put gardening purchases to the back burner.

10 Practical Ways to Use Wildflowers

Wildflowers are a beauty to behold, especially in spring when the meadows are awash with new color.

10 Ideas For Your Very Own Oasis

10 IDEAS FOR YOUR VERY OWN OASIS “Summer is here” and you stare out at your back yard in despair. Well, here are some great, easy ideas to spruce it up!

Belknap Large Estate Projects

We're planting wildflowers! Considering meadows or wooded areas for planting with wildflowers? While a daunting task, Belknap in NH is here to help!