Got Moss in Your Garden? Easy Tips to Get Rid of It!

Moss in Your Lawn or Garden? How to Remove It! We often get feedback that folks have moss in their lawn and gardens, even in spots where it never was before and want to know how to get rid of it. There is not an easy solution to this problem but there are a few tricks that might do the job. First, a moss problem can stem from several different reasons or issues, and you usually have to take care of all of them if you have the problems to keep the moss from coming back. There are some moss products out there that kill the moss, but these products work and can kill the moss but if the total problem is not solved, the moss will just come right back plus they turn it a very ugly brownish orange color. If you use a moss killer, you will need to rake out the dead moss and then change the environment in this specific spot so that the moss does not come back. Many folks think that lime kills moss, but it does not! There is a huge misconception that just because moss likes acidic or lower PH soil that simply using lime will do the trick – no so! Adjusting your PH using lime is just one step in the process. Moss is a product of a combination of several things: shade, low ph, bare areas, moisture and drainage problems. It is commonly found in the shade but not always, it likes low ph and it loves moisture!

Here are some tips to try to get rid of the moss: First – grab a hard rake and rake out the moss getting it all and leaving only the bare soil beneath. Dispose of the moss in trash bags or take them far away from the area.

2nd- prune any bushes, shrubs or trees in the area to let in more sunlight.

3rd - adjust the soils ph! Using a bag of lime is okay but powdered lime can take months to adjust the ph so we suggest trying Solu-Cal or Liquid lime which works much quicker and aids in getting the ph adjusted faster so the moss doesn't have a chance to get back in the area. It will also create a more hospitable area for any seed you plan to sow. Try improving air flow and/or drainage in the area. The pruning will help. Aerating deeply will also help as well as incorporating some organic matter!

4th – seed your area with the proper seed. If it is shady with little sun try pure shade species like Forget-me-nots, Woodland Mix or any of our full shade rare and woodland species. You can also try perennials from our bareroot sections for shade plants. If the area now gets more sun since you pruned it, try our Partial Shade Mix, Deluxe mix, Annual or Perennial Low Grow mixes. Once your wildflower garden is germinating, periodically test your soil for ph – you don't want to invite the moss back by not being vigilant!

Good luck and hopefully - bye-bye moss!