Why Annuals Are a Must Have For Your Garden!

Don't be just a perennial kind of person because you miss out on the wonderful aspect of annuals in your garden. Annuals are those that flower for only one year but they really are an essential part of your garden and you should plant some each year. The seeds are easy to sow, germinate quickly and bloom in just a short period adding spectacular colors to your landscape and gardens. When all danger of frost has passed plant them according to our instructions in borders, beds, pots, tubs, troughs, window boxes and hanging baskets or your meadows and fields. Annuals are extremely diverse. They can be tall, short, low growing and they have nice lush green foliage with a whole array of color flowers in all different shapes. A choice you shouldn't pass on! For us here at the Vermont Wildflower Farm, it is extremely hard to imagine our gardens without them. They will fill gaps in our mixed beds and borders and make a dazzling colorful display in our fields. The neat thing is you can stagger your seeding of them in spring and early summer so that you have these beautiful displays all summer long right into fall. Most gardeners can't wait for their annuals to burst into flower and every year they feel the same astonishment at their dazzling displays. Many annuals produce loads of seeds after flowering and all in different forms of seed pods, just ready for you to collect. So, why not try sowing them and collecting their seed to sow the following spring. These seeds are all for free and will produce the annuals for next growing season! Many annuals also self-seed profusely and as long as the seed hits the bare soil at the end of the season and are left undisturbed they will usually germinate where they have fallen next spring. So what does it mean? Propagating annual gardening plants from seed is easy, they don't need much attention just a good watering in hot or dry weather, their colorful displays are un-matched and you can collect their seed each year for next years bloom! Plus, if you want to quickly attract pollinator's, annuals are a sure fire way to do that! Many annuals are used by florists as they are ideal in floral arrangements. You can use them for pleasing indoor floral arrangements bringing the scent of outdoors indoors. So, exactly what's not to like??