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The Optimum Wildflower Mix balances beauty with durability and diversity! We only sell 100% pure, fresh wildflower seeds with superior germination and purity rates. No fillers, inert matter or grasses, unless a mix is designed to specifically have native grasses. Our seeds are open-pollinated, Non-GMO & Chemical free! All mixes are exclusive to us and are designed to have early, mid and late season bloom so that once your garden starts blooming it blooms throughout the season. Annuals for first year color, perennials for second and successive years bloom. Our mix formulas are also exclusive to us, both the types of species included and percentage allocations! We don't put lots of the cheaper species in and a little of the more expensive ones, just to boast lower prices! Additionally, we offer low flat rate shipping or FREE SHIPPING on order of $39 or More! As the old saying goes "you get what you pay for". Just ask our customers!

ALL MIXES ARE AVAILABLE YEAR-ROUND (1 oz. up to 50 lb. bags or more!)

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We've been helping people create beautiful wildflower gardens and meadows for over 40 years. We are renowned for our quality wildflower seed products and our expert advice. From the small home garden to a wildflower meadow or field, we can assist you every step of the way. It's simple, easy and we are here to help! Join the trend and let us help you create a wildflower area that's not only easy and beautiful, but can be beneficial to you, nature's creatures and the environment! Our wildflower seed and wildflower mixes are always 100% pure wildflower seed, Non-GMO, no fillers or chemicals!

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