Belknap Large Estate Projects

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We're planting wildflowers!

Considering meadows or wooded areas for planting with wildflowers?

While a daunting task for estates areas without the correct training, New Hampshire's Belknap Landscape Company crew's tools make it easy to accomplish terrific wildflower planting results.

Belknap Landscape's equipment fleet includes a Brillion agricultural seeding machine, operated by skilled BLC employees. Not many NH Landscape Design-Build companies can say that, if any. Utilizing the right equipment ensures good soil-to-seed contact for improved germination, critical for such landcare improvement investments. Brillion Seeding Machine on the job! Belknap Landscape provides services to many Lakes Region, NH high profile property owners.

We choose, therefore, the very best wildflower seed supplier in New England - Vermont Wildflower Farm in Hinesburg, Vermont. Chris and Diana at Vermont Wildflower only offer exclusive, hand packed proven mixtures and premium wildflower seed. In turn, they recommend Belknap Landscape whenever a New Hampshire resident calls for a landscape contractor.

How does the process work?

Mark Smith, BLC Project Manager, had this to say about planting wildflowers right here in New Hampshire...

"The fields and meadows were mowed; the vegetation cleared. We then selected the appropriate wildflower mix for each microenvironment on the property, consulting with Chris & Diana... Approaching the planting everyone we spoke to warned us wildflower plantings were hit or miss in NH climate and soil conditions. I repeatedly called Chris & Diana for tips to ensure success and was further prodded by an inquisitive client. Following (Vermont Wildflower Farm's) time-tested instructions, we planted a blended Wet Soil Mix and Northeast Soil Mix, custom-made by Vermont Wildflower Farm. The project described is a lakefront estate in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. The planting areas covered acres and included soil preparation and planting. This is another example of the exhaustive client-focused landcare provided by Belknap Landscape, New Hampshire's premier landcare company. Mark asked Diana these important questions, applicable to any investment in wildflower plantings: Germination rate? What is the best seeding time? Can you guarantee no clover? Diana wrote back the very same morning... "Hi Mark, Thank you for your e-mail. Germination rates are well above 90%. We have one the of the highest Germination rates in the industry. Purity rates are 99+, also some of the highest in the industry! There is no clover in the mixes. No fillers, grasses, inert matter. The Northeast mix does say Purple Prairie Clover but this is a wildflower, not clover, as I believe your client is thinking. Anything in the mixes can be removed at your discretion. If you have any further questions, please just let me know. Best, Diana"

Intensive questions on soil testing, fertilizers, optimum seeder machine settings were all answered promptly and professionally. The results are in, and Diana was spot-on, according to Mark....   

"We had surprisingly fast growth. While we anticipated seeing sprouts in a week, planting on a Thursday produced significant germination by Monday! Needless to say, our clients are excited, as is Belknap Landscape."

. Belknap provided their expertise in all aspects of professional land management and preparation needed for this large estate project while the Vermont Wildflower Farm provided their expertise in the appropriate wildflower mixes and subsequent steps to make this project a success.

Belknap and the Vermont Wildflower Farm are looking to a long and prosperous working relationship.

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