Farm Photo Gallery

This page contains many memories of wonderful times at our old location in Charlotte! Bloom at the farm would start in the Woodlands and would continue straight through to the end of the season. It was a spectacular sight to see! Every year was different! Photos are untouched and were taken at the old farm location over many years! You will also find a 'Buy' button on those species that are available for purchase.

A Great Shot! So Spring!

Cardamine & Friend!

Standing Alone

A real delight to see in Spring

An awesome spring find!

Closer, just a little closer....

I'm unique!

Gorgeous! Try Solomon's Seal in our Seed Section!

Woodland Oddity!

Those little blue spring treasures!

Another woodland oddity!

You just can't stop looking at them! So delicate and beautiful!

Sit on a bench in our woodlands to enjoy these delicate spring arrivals!

One of the woodlands you have to search for in spring, but well worth looking for!

Little spots of happiness in the spring woodlands!

Still so pretty!

One darn amazing flower!

A sweet grouping!

So serene and calming!

Peeking from below!

Little by little the areas become covered with these delicate blue flowers in spring!

Ever expanding - the whole area blooms for about 2 1/2 weeks!

Our little babbling brook alights with Marsh Marigold each spring!

Beautiful, blue and very delicate with fern like leaves!

Produces this white unique flower before its red, red berries!

The first thing to bloom in Spring!

Hiding amongst the leaves!

An oldtime favorite!

Stumpy is a farm resident and quite the character!

An amazing little guy! Going on about 8 years now!

We know him by his tail and a distinct black spot on his back!

One of the most prominent of spring bloomers! Bright red and easy to find!

Pretty Spring Lupines - Our favorite time of spring!

More Lupine along the entrance to the Farm!

and Daisies go so nicely with the Lupine!

Too many to count!

Guardians of the Farm in Spring!

Over 40 Years & Going Strong!

As far as the eye can see!

The perfect spring combination!

Reaching for the sky!

Up close and personal!

Calling all Monarchs! Monarchs and other butterflies love Milkweed and it smells so good!

Planted in fall - so pretty!

Aw! The peonies - so old fashioned, so perfect!

The biggest and best Allium!

Beautiful, fragrant, perfect for cuting!

Butterflies think Sweet William is sweet too!

We need a better look at this!

One of our favorite striking Sweet William colors!

A bright spot in early summer bloom!

Blue Cornflower's partner in crime in early summer.

Our annual field begins to bloom!

I popped up early this year! I usually bloom in August!

Our path is beginning to bloom in full!

Blanket Flower starts to bloom!

Early Wild Rose signifies our main field will soon begin to bloom!

Our fields start their full annual ritual!

A bright spot on a gloomy day!

And away we go.......

We have turkeys at the farm! We even have a crazy one that loves to follow our guests along the path!

We love Chicory - that beautiful blue!

Amazingly shaped bright ground cover - pollinators love it!

A wonderful border mix around the fence at the farm!

Beautiful and welcoming at the entrance of the woodlands

Walking through our woodlands is an experience in itself!

Where lots of pond creature's greet you!

A beautiful pond flower!

Another wonderful pond flower

Our pond is full of pond lilies - and beautiful ones at that!

You wouldn't believe all the different kind of frogs that reside here!

We call them Mr. Awesome's!

We have so much Bee Balm in all different colors!

Just another angle!

Upon entering you see all the types of wildlife that reside at the farm!

A wonderful shot of June blooming lilies!

Poppies in our fields brighten our day!

The 'sombreros' of our fields. A unique wildflower!

First one of the season with a special friend!

Great grouping by the patio of Lance-leaf Coreopsis

Talked about often by our visitors and really a unique fern!

Black-eyed Susan and Purple Coneflower along the path.

So many variations of the Gloriosa Daisy!

A pollinator friend stops in for a bite to eat!

Black-eyed Susan and Purple Coneflower greet our visitors

Bishop's Flower (looks like Queen Anne's Lace, but not invasive as it's an annual!)

Harebell graces our fence line at the entrance!

Our resident chimpmunck is everywhere! We call it 'Stumpy' patrol!

This Mexican Hat looks so official!

Black-eyed Susans and other mid season flowers grace our main field on a sunny summer day!

This photo was taken by a customer of the farm. Amazing!

Another fabulous customer photo from the farm!

St. John's Wort, Dame's Rocket and Sweet Pea make a great combination!

Blanket Flower and Larkspur are this photo's standouts!

Baby's Breath admiring the beautiful Blue Cornflower in their midst!

A spot in our fields where natural Flea Bane daisies accompany our northeast wildflower mix!

Just one of the many wonderful things we see on a daily basis at the farm!

Queen of the Meadow surrounding at the entrance of our woodlands!

Almost like Cotton Candy, this is a great meadow flower. So showy!

Up close and personal with Queen of the Prairie

Can't get closer than this. You can see how beautiful this is!

I see you! Black-eyed Susan peeking through!

Takes a while in some instances but well worth the wait!

Our main field is glorious when bloom really starts, wall to wall!

It's a great and interesting place for kids to visit!

'Cause right after is a pond full of frogs!

These kids had a great time and were a delight! We thank them for letting us take their photos!

These purple coneflowers have that air of fall fast approaching!

Informational signs are all along the path for you to enjoy!

Stroll through our gardens at your leisure!

A mid summer walk!

And we in full mid-season bloom which happens around late July through the end of mid-Sept!

Plains Coreopsis in full bloom!

It's gonna be bright!

Whoa - turn down the volume!

And on it goes!

We love our little patio garden - it has all kinds of things!

Another type of sign along the path!

So you can get up close and personal!

Okay, we turned down the brightness and into late summer bloom!

Beautiful Echinacea!

Wonderful combination late in the season!

A double headed coneflower! So unique.

At this time of year both the Cosmos and Monarchs are everywhere! Butterflies, Butterflies!

Don't miss the spectacular bloom of the cardinal flower!

Who's Amos? He's a bull moose that crosses twice a year on his way back and forth!

Our beautiful pond is a host to lots of wildlife - from frogs, salamanders to a Blue Heron, Egrets, and............

Eek! Horace is our resident snapping turtle and he thinks he's all that....but don't worry - he's so slow!

Yup, he's in there somewhere!

Ohio Spiderwort

Swamp Milkweed

Late season woodlands include this lovely flower. Heal All!

The beautiful woodland sunflower!

Jumpseed is a unique flower in our woodlands that birds love!

Our All Annual mix in a pretty picture!

Nothing more to be said!

Our Autumn Beauty Sunflower mix!

Jimmy the Squirrel going about some last minute nut collecting!

New England Asters are one of the true late season blooming wildflowers!

before my long journey south....

The other true late season bloomer!

This little bumble says thanks to one of our owners for all the wonderful flowers this past season! Don't worry, he didn't sting!

While he was visiting, this bumble did some free promo work - LOL!

Perennial Sunflowers in full force!

Thanks everyone! Another Season Closes! So sad - but always looking forward to the next one!