Late Season Blooming Wildflower Information & Seeding Rates

On this Page, you will find an Easy to Use Chart of Wildflower Species for Late Season Bloom with their Common Name, Life Cycle, Bloom Time & Seeding Rate Per Acre
Common Name Life Cycle Bloom Time Seeding Rate
Bee Balm Perennial Mid - Late 1lb.
Bird's Foot Trefoil Biennial Mid - Late 5lbs.
Blanket Flower Perennial Mid - Late 12lbs.
Chicory Biennial Mid 7lbs.
Coneflower Perennial Mid - Late 15lbs.
Cornflower Annual Mid - Late 10lbs.
Cosmos Annual Mid - Late 15lbs.
Daisy, Gloriosa Perennial Mid - Late 2lbs.
Drummond Phlox Annual Mid - Late 10lbs.
Indian Blanket Annual Mid - Late 12lbs.
Joe Pye Weed Perennial Mid - Late 1lb.
Lavender Perennial Mid - Late 1lb.
Lemon Mint Annual Mid - Late 3lbs.
Monkey Flower Perennial Mid - Late 1lb.
Morning Glory Annual Mid - Late 64lbs.
Nasturtium Annual Mid - Late 156lbs.
New England Aster Perennial Mid - Late 2lbs.
Plains Coreopsis Annual Mid - Late 2lbs.
Poppy, California Tender Perennial Mid - Late 10lbs.
Primrose Annual, Perennial Mid 5lbs.
Purple Prairie Clover Perennial Mid - Late 9lbs.
Queen Anne's Lace (Bishop's Flower) Annual/Biennial Mid - Late 2lbs.
Rocket Larkspur Annual Mid - Late 18lbs.
Rose Mallow Annual Mid - Late 30lbs.
Sage Perennial Mid - Late 12lbs.
Scarlet Flax Annual Mid - Late 12lbs.
Showy Goldeneye Perennial Mid - Late 1lb.
Sunflower Annual, Perennial Mid - Late 22lbs.
Zinnia Annual Mid - Late 20lbs.