Daffodils - More Bang for Your Buck!

On A Budget for Fall Planted Bulbs - Try Daffodils In this economy, many of us have had to put gardening purchases to the back burner. Right now, it is time in early September fall planted bulbs are arriving in our warehouses. Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Crocus and more! If you want to big blast of spring in your yard next season but just can't afford the expense of lots of different variety bulbs, why not try Daffodils.

Why Daffodils?

1. - They produce more flowers

2. - They last longer

3. - They need less care

4. - They do well in all sorts of climates and conditions 5. - They naturalize - meaning they come back every year and more and more of them!

There are all sorts of new colors and combinations. We are always adding new varieties.

We suggest not just planting daffodils in beds but in your lawns, along driveways and borders, a woodland edge, along a brook or a pond, a fence line, next to the front door or anywhere your heart desires.

They look great planted in groupings or scattered clumps just about anywhere.

Daffodils should be planted depending on your zone from very late September through mid-November.

Plant 8" deep in clusters of approx. 4" apart.

Mix and match varieties. Daffodils are a great investment for years to come.

Try any or all varieties that we carry.

If planting in beds you can try the Poet's Daffodils or some of the Miniature varieties like Rip Van Winkle, Minnow or Tete a' Tete!