Getting More from Your Organic Veggie Plantings

Organic vegetable gardening in fall is always the best. It may be getting cooler, fall foliage setting in but your garden should still be going strong!

Help your garden produce more vegetables this fall with 4 easy steps:

1) Feed - Feed your vegetable once a month for a bigger more bountiful harvest. It is essential to do this step if you had other crops planted in the same spot earlier in the season. Those crops would have depleted the soil of its nutrients. You can replenish easily with an organic plant fertilizer to keep produce going strong.

2) Pick - the more you pick, the more produce you get! Once crops start to ripen, go out and pick every single day!

Lettuce and Spinach - cut the outer leaves when young and tender.

Kale – P-ick when the leaves are as big as the palm of your hand.

Carrots - pick when the top of the carrot is one inch.

Broccoli - cut broccoli when its head is four to seven inches.

Cauliflower - cut when the head is between two and three inches.

3) Eat fresh - plan meals during the week around what's in harvest in the garden. This is the last chance of the season for home grown meals and fresh produce. Make the most of it!

4) Cover - if frost arrives a bit early, protect your crops. Water and then cover with a sheet, blanket or tarp. Use stakes to keep the cover from touching the plants.

Enjoy what you grow long into Fall!