Weed Identification - Photo Gallery

Pull, Pull, Pull! Here is a handy photo identification page to help you determine the most common weeds that you might find in your gardens! The term weed is used in a variety of senses, generally centering around a plant that is not desired within a certain context. The term weed is a subjective one, as the old saying goes 'One Person's Weed is Another's Wildflower'... but you can be assured that the common weeds identified below are not something you want in your garden. These weeds can grow and reproduce aggressively and/or invasively, so to keep your wildflower garden intact, pull, pull, pull! Just remember that you shouldn't pull anything newly emerging so you don't mistake what you think might be a weed for a wildflower seedling. A good rule of thumb is to wait for them to get a bit higher and anything growing super fast and taller than most everything else is usually a weed!