10 Practical Ways to Use Wildflowers

Wildflowers are a beauty to behold, especially in spring when the meadows are awash with new color. Their fragrant and colorful variations are always a beauty to behold. Did you know that there are many other ways of enjoying the magic of wildflowers than just the outdoors? Here are ten practical ways to bring a rustic look to your space using wildflowers: Go ahead and try one of these today!

1. Plant a wildflower meadow

If you have an open sunny or partial shade area in your garden, you could put it aside for growing wildflowers, a haven for bees and butterflies. Before you plant, you will need to prepare an area by removing all existing growth, i.e. weeds, grasses and what not. Then, in spring or fall, sow your wildflower seeds and water them until they are 6-8 inches in height. Do not cover the seeds, only lightly compress them for a good seed to soil contact. Then leave them and watch your wild garden thrive. Wildflowers are pretty self-sufficient, unless you are having a drought.

2. Grow wildflowers indoors

If you don't have a lawn, or don't want to give up the space, you can grow wildflowers indoors in containers. Many types of wildflowers can be cultivated (or cultivate themselves) indoors, including allium, parsley and hollyhock.

3. Give seeded shapes as gifts

For a novel, and practical, gift idea, wildflower seeds can be embedded in corn-starch shapes. Use your imagination to create beautiful flowers, butterflies or your own unique designs.

4. Wedding seeds

Certain flowers have always been associated with love and romance, for example the forget-me-not, yellow pansy and humble daisy. For a unique wedding gift idea, you could send the happy couple a permanent reminder of their joyful day with an attractively presented rustic assortment of seed packets. This is perfect for weddings with a garden theme.

5. Display your wedding bouquet

If you have celebrated your special day with a garden theme and have managed to hold on to the wildflower bouquet, it could make a beautiful and romantic decoration for your home. For that rustic feel, use an old antique Kitchen cart for displaying a wedding bouquet during the reception and afterwards in your home.

6. Create an attractive display

Instead of growing your own wildflowers you could always collect them (subject to local laws) and display them around your house in a variety of ways. From glass jars to old brass watering cans, be creative in your choice of container.

7. Add wildflowers to your recipes

Some wildflowers, for example nasturtium and arugula, are edible and can be added directly to salads and a wide range of recipes. Other recipe ideas involving wildflowers include violet jelly and wildflower mead.

8. Create wildflower jewelry

Wildflowers embedded in resin can be incorporated into jewelry. From alyssum pendants to mustard seed necklaces, there are countless ideas for creating wildflower jewelry.

9. Make your own essential oils

Some wildflowers can be made into aromatic essential oils. Try adding lavender to almond or olive oil to create your own. I love using my oils in my everyday bath! Getting a book from the library will help you with this.

10. Create your own incense

Coriander, marjoram and lavender are just some of the herbs and wildflowers that can be ground up for use in incense. Fill your home with the scent of wildflowers by burning your own mixture. Following one of these practical ideas will give you lots of satisfaction as you look at your wildflowers in a new way! Be creative and make memories with wildflowers!

Author's Bio: Romona Weston lives in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the beautiful Amish, wildflower rich, countryside of Lancaster County. In her spare time, she loves to hike, organize and write. As a family, they are avid gardeners, and have used rolling kitchen cart and wooden kitchen islands carts to entertain in their outdoor backyard garden. With a solid grounding as an Internet Entrepreneur, Romona Weston is the publisher of KitchenCarts36.com where you can read about all the latest trends and reviews about kitchen islands carts, stationary kitchen carts, and various models and manufacturers of kitchen carts.