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Bird's Foot Violet Seeds (Viola pedata)

Bird's Foot Violet Seeds (Viola pedata)

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BIRD'S FOOT VIOLET - Viola pedata (Seeds per Packet: 25+) This is a large flat faced violet with orange stamens. This violet enjoys dry sandy fields and sunny rocky areas. Beautiful blue color with yellow stamens. Leaves are shaped like bird's feet, hence the name. Bird's Foot Violet is a tiny bit fussy but is well worth the trouble! Soil must be well-drained, otherwise the plant could rot. You should also keep it free of weeds and aggressive plants so as not to be crowded out. It's a short-lived perennial, but it will self-seed heavily. Prefers sunny areas, all zones and blooms in spring.

Zones: 2 through 9

Height: 4 - 10 Inches.

Flower Color: Blue/Purple

Plant Type: Native Tender Perennial

Light Requirement: Sun

Bloom Time: Early - Mid Season

Seeds per Packet: 25+