Commercial Projects

Are you a Landscaper, Contractor, Government Agency, Conservation Organization, Golf Course or Large Residential Project?

We work with Landscapers, Contractors, States, Towns & more on a regular basis. We understand the challenges you face with your clients or projects and are ready to assist in making them happen as well as offering discounted pricing! We've been helping professionals and homeowners like you for over 40 years. We provide outstanding quality and discounted pricing on wildflower seed products, bulbs, perennial plants, grasses and more! We also offer custom mixes per your specifications with fast quotes and competitive pricing. We fully understand the guidelines you may be working under and the challenges & budgets that many professionals and homeowners must meet. We make it easier for you to get it done!

Call or e-mail us to discuss your large-scale planting today! (Call us toll free 855.846.9453 or e-mail us at We offer a dedicated knowledgeable representative for your project, so you only have to deal with one contact person.

We guarantee you'll get the best discounted pricing out there!

We have been working on large scale projects for years. We are a nationally trusted source! We only sell the highest quality of seeds - 100% Pure Seed, GMO Free, Open-pollinated and Neonicotinoid and Chemical free! We carry over 45 Wildflower Seed Mixes and 225 Species in stock but if you need a Custom Mix to your specifications - no problem! We'd be excited to help you with your next project!

See What Some of Our Large-Scale Customers Have to Say:

We chose the very best wildflower seed supplier in New England - Spectacular results for our high-end clients' estates-These fields have not stopped their display in some fashion since the beginning of the season!!! Beautiful and the clients ae overly excited with these results! You guys are the best! Mark S. Belknap Landscaping Estate Project

This is our 3rd year of drooling over our gorgeous wildflower fields put in by our landscaper. Although it's hard to imagine our wildflowers could get any better, each year we are astonished. Thank you for putting together the most gorgeous selection of wildflower seeds for us. SLB Landshapes, LLC - California

"Diana, thank you so much for rushing this and doing your very best to get the seeds to us as soon as possible. There is so much red tape and when you finally get through it all, everyone wants it done yesterday plus we were also racing the weather and we can't believe the impeccable service provided for the DOT project from your company! Thank you for making all the special arrangements you did! Paul G. NYC DOT Project

"Chris and Diana: These are glorious roadside meadows; the community is so in love with it that they are clamoring for more flowers. Greetings from wet NH coast. Geannina - Hampton Beach Municipality, NH

We have been working with the Vermont Wildflower Farm since 2010. Not a year has gone by since then that our custom meadows have not flourished and been spectacular! Every custom mix has been designed to perfection and the customer service is awesome! I wouldn't think of going elsewhere! Wendy D. Contractor - Connecticut

We had an area for a client that needed extra special attention. The land was cleared, and soil was disastrous. The Vermont Wildflower Farm recommended amendments contrary to other companies we spoke with. They also designed a mix completely different than others. It turned out, that they were right on everything, and our client was extremely pleased and very surprised that the previously unusable hillside to the ocean turned into a spectacular conversation piece! Thank you so much for making me look good! Steven F., Landscaper - South Carolina

Thank you so much for your time and willingness to work with me. I will have so many people for this event and will be sure to tell them all about this project and tell them how great you guys are! Scott B. New Hampshire Project