Woodland Species

There are very few things that can stir the senses as much as a springtime walk in the woods. Most but not all woodland plants make the most of the available light by flowering early before the trees are in full leaf. Along with flowers such as Trillium, Bloodroot, Violets, Marsh Marigold and more which bloom early in the spring, it is also the smell of spring, the bird song and the chitter chatter of chipmunks, squirrels and other small creatures as they awaken from their winter dormancy that is so prominent, stirring the feeling of awakening and of being alive. Everything new, everything happy. So, take a walk through our woodland section or search through our other hard-to-find species. This section is sure to have something for everyone's wants or needs, to enlighten the heart and awaken the beauty in your shade, woodland or other garden areas!