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Angelica Seeds (Angelica atropurpurea)

Angelica Seeds (Angelica atropurpurea)

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Angelica Seeds - Angelica atropurpurea (Seeds per Packet: 100+) An impressive plant with large wide leaves and an umbrella like flower. Reputed for its medicinal properties. This plant can reach heights of six or more feet with hollow, smooth purple stems from one to two inches round. Great for streambeds. Attractive plant for small bees. Can be a stunning cut flower!

Zones: 3 through 7

Height: Up to 6 ft.

Flower Color: White

Plant Type: Native Perennial

Light Requirement: Sun to Partial Shade

Bloom Time: Early - Mid Season

Seeds per Packet: 100+

Is this wildflower invasive: No

Is this wildflower endangered: No

Is this wildflower edible: No

Is this wildflower medicinal: Yes